Awesome papers on NDSS 2015

Awesome papers about Web security, Privacy and Social Networks.

Posted by ourren on February 10, 2015

The NDSS Symposium 2015 Conference is held at 08-11, February in San Diego, California. So we could download conference papers from the official website.

There are 11 sessions in this conference, including: Web security, Mobile security, Detection Analysis Prevention & Response, Privacy, Social Networks and Cloud Services and etc.

As for me, I am just interested in Web security, Privacy and Social Networks. But the papers of Web security is really lack of creativity. These topics (Parking domain and Typosquatting) have similar papers at USENIX last year with different researchers. But I also found some nice papers only in my area(if you have different interest, you need to pick it by yourself).

Nice paper list as below:

  • Machine Learning Classification over Encrypted Data
  • Bloom Cookies: Web Search Personalization without User Tracking
  • NSEC5: Provably Preventing DNSSEC Zone Enumeration
  • Mind Your Blocks: On the Stealthiness of Malicious BGP Hijacks
  • Identifying Cross-origin Resource Status Using Application Cache

Thinks NDSS Symposium, we can follow the latest security research and read nice papers immediately.