Several necessary work before doing research

A short summary about security resource and writing tool.

Posted by ourren on December 4, 2014

I want to do some research jobs in the next year. But there are many things need to be done before I write some paper as below:

First, you need to read some papers in this area. As you know, my current interest is about Web offensive and defensive technology, Web privacy protection, Web development and testing in modern high technology life. I have summaried that there are some ways that I could to search some usefull paper in my area.

  1. The top security conference. You can choose this good link, it provides all the security conference all over the world. Computer Security Conference Ranking and Statistic;
  2. Using Google Scholar and dplp. You can search with keywords and famous author. Just take privacy topic as example, keywords: browser privacy, mobile privacy and etc.;
  3. Follow you supervisor’s students and projects. Because you need to work with they in the next years.

Secondly, you need to install some software to make my work more efficient. But I only have some simple tips to share at present as below:

  1. Zotero: It could help you collect and organise your papers. The tool is free and cross the all platforms (Windows & Linux & Mac);
  2. evernote: You can paste some usefull idea and theory from your readed papers or online articles;
  3. GoldenDict: It could help you translate english words to chinese, especially for non-english countries. It’s very convenient if you use its hotkey (ctrl+c+c);
  4. Markdown: Actually it’s not a software, just a format for writing articles, but it’s very userful and you only just focus on the article content not the format;
  5. a tool which you can manage your time and tasks. If you could deal with your daily time and paper time, you will be very relax and happy every day.

At last, you need to practise and work hard. I am on the way and hope you can go with me.